Villani salumi - arte di famiglia dal 1886
The origin of Zampone, if the old story handed down to us is to be believed, began with the idea of the cook of a noble Modena family. In 1511, to save the pork meat from requisition by the troops of Pope Julius II Della Rovere, who were sieging the cities in the territory of Modena, the cook conceived this new way of conserving the meat with salt, herbs, and spices. Ever since, the origin of these very unusual products is revived in the preparation of Zampone, Cotechino, and Cappelli del Prete. In more recent history, Giuliano Cavazzuti from Modena started to use the technology of precooking and sterilization, making it much easier to consume this charcuterie while maintaining the original organoleptic characteristics.

The Pre-cooked Products all come from Castelnuovo Rangone. Every year, on the first weekend of December, this small town in the province of Modena hosts its “superzampone” fest, which it celebrates by sharing the world’s largest sausage! The Villani Pre-cooked range comes in an assortment of shapes, with a variety of seasonings and grinding types, but they are all made of ground pork meat that is flavoured and packed in natural gut casings. They are cooked, and then vacuum-packed without any of the water in which they were cooked (like in the good old days). Thanks to this foil vacuum packaging, which seals in all the flavours and aromas, they can be stored for long periods.

Our pre-cooked products are completely dairy-free, gluten-free and contain no polyphosphates and are seasoned only with natural ingredients.