Villani salumi - arte di famiglia dal 1886
All charcuterie have in common a production process divided into two stages in which two opposite and complementary components are fundamental:
Making charcuterie is an art that master makers pass down from generation to generation. Only expert manual skills and the experience acquired
Cutting is not just a necessity procedure but rather a culinary “act”, in other words, an art. Indeed, the antique figure of the carver, the
Braising is a more sophisticated system and involves the queen of charcuterie, the mortadella. It is a process that completes the preparation of
Cooking is a process of transforming meat at high temperature. You start with primal cuts (cooked hams), which after seasoning are put into steam
Curing involves the skilful exploitation of time and varies, depending on the products, from 2 months to 2 years. Through this process, fresh
Trussing is a processing stage mainly applied to high quality charcuterie, immediately after casing and before passing on to the curing or
I gusti cambiano, anche quelli alimentari, per questo i produttori si affidano a laboratori di ricerca per capire come realizzare un prodotto più