Villani salumi - arte di famiglia dal 1886


The spices and herbs are important elements that give the salami its appetizing flavour and aroma. They vary according to the type of product and characterize its taste.

The SPICES are generally dried to optimize and preserve the aromatic components. Some typical examples include black and white pepper, chilli pepper, nutmeg, cinnamon, mace, and juniper.

The HERBS are derived from natural aromatic plants. For high quality production these are preferably used fresh. The most widely used in charcuterie are: garlic, rosemary, laurel, sage, thyme, fennel, and marjoram.

Especially in salami, the defining features of the different flavours and recipes are linked to the traditional spices and herbs of the various Italian regions.

In our seasoning room, a real home kitchen, every day we prepare the seasoning for our salami and the brines for the cooked ham. They are prepared following traditional family recipes, one for each product, which have been handed down from the elderly to the young members of the family to obtain products made with love and care.

The brines for the cooked hams are prepared like infusions, by boiling natural herbs and spices in water.

The seasoning for the salami is prepared in different ways according to the recipes or regional traditions: salt and garlic left to soak in good quality red or white wine, such as Merlot or Barolo. The liquid is added to the seasoning and spices, black pepper being the most important, which we use whole or broken into pieces. For our salami, we also use other spices including chillies, paprika, white pepper, cloves and wild fennel.