Villani salumi - arte di famiglia dal 1886
Italian Luxury Cooked Ham

WEIGHT: kg 10,5.

QUALITY: made only from the legs of Italian heavy pigs, according to the prescriptions of protected hams. That ensures particularly light, firm, compact, tasty meat with good colour and pinkish white covering fat with a good consistency.

CENTRAL “STAR” OF FAT: gives the product an exceptionally  soft texture.

FLAVOUR: flavoured with herb and aromatic  berry infusions specially made to an exclusive Villani recipe. Delicate and very sweet.

HAND-DEBONED: chisel-deboned by hand, extracting the bone so that the  inside of the meat is never touched. This process ensures that the product is left completely intact.

HIGH YIELD: with no shank or “fondello”, flat-ended. Wide, compact slices.

Gluten-free. Dairy-free. Only natural flavors.