Villani salumi - arte di famiglia dal 1886
Luxury Cooked Ham

WEIGHT: kg 7-8 whole or halved; kg 8-9.

QUALITY: made from legs of pork having bone-in weight of about 12 kg. Excellent marbling with fat. There are no tougher nerves within the meat. Slow steam cooking.

FLAVOUR: flavoured with herb and aromatic berry infusions specially made to an exclusive Villani recipe. Delicate.

HAND-DEBONED: chisel-deboned by hand, extracting the bone so that the inside of the meat is never touched. This process ensures that the product is left completely intact.

HIGH YIELD: with no shank or “fondello”, flat-ended. Wide, compact slices.

Now also available in XL size (8-9 kg).

Gluten-free. Dairy-free.