Villani salumi - arte di famiglia dal 1886

WEIGHT: kg 14 whole and half; ½ of 23; ½ of 30; ½ of 40; 55/65; 100 and more.

DIAMETER: cm 23/27; 38; 27.

WITH PISTACHIO: available in all sizes.

QUALITY: light, easily digested PGI mortadella. Made at the Villani facility in Bologna in compliance with the Mortadella Bologna Consortium regulations. La Santo is made from derinded pork shoulder trimmed of fat, with pieces of neck fat.

FLAVOUR: the subtle fresh garlic seasoning gives La Santo an enticing, tasty fragrance and a light flavour. Skilfully combined fragrances for a unique taste.

Dairy-free. Gluten-free. No added polyphosphates.