Villani salumi - arte di famiglia dal 1886

QUALITY: processed and cured in the Villani facility at San Daniele del Friuli, using Heavy Pig legs, in accordance with the PDO regulations. Hung for a long time after salting, for skilful, gradual curing (for up to 24 months). Trimmed and cleaned to the highest standards. Chisel-deboned without cutting the ham. “Special” because it is carefully knife-trimmed to remove the coating, any dark lean meat and the yellow fat.

FRAGRANCE and FLAVOUR: strong fragrance, sweet, delicate flavour with more noticeable after-taste. Soft-slicing.

Gluten-free. Dairy-free.

⇒ Curing and weight:
  • 13 months – 7 kg
  • 15 months – 7,5 kg
  • 18 months – 8,5 kg
  • 24 months – 8,5 kg