Cold cut master butchers

About us

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We began as a family business. We have become a family within the business.

In becoming a major business we have maintained our craft traditions.

We produce slowly but we never stop.

We value individual talent and we share the experience and knowledge we acquire.

We are rooted in specific places but our branches flourish everywhere.

Our specialities are based on regional traditions and export the spirit of Italy worldwide.

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A family art

Our business

We are modern day masters of the Italian art of cold cuts preparation. Our products are rooted in expertise but look towards the future. Quality is what drives our work. Passionate about our work, we are constantly committed to perfecting our specialities, driven by the desire to surprise and delight anyone who chooses our products.People, with their talents, sensitivity and experience, guide our entire process, respecting the necessary production times and the cycles of nature. All of us at Villani, share the same company culture and the same common objective: a perfectly made product. We are proud to spread around the world a heritage of knowledge and flavours, which are the proud expression of our identity.

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Our history
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Villani foto storica operai al lavoro

From our roots in Castelnuovo Rangone we have grown to become a prestigious national and international business. Discover the history of our company, from its beginnings in 1886 to the present day.

Always faithful to the artisan spirit that characterises us and attention to the territories and its people.

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The best of us
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The people

People are our most precious resource. Thanks to them, Villani has become the successful company that it is today.

Their commitment and dedication allow us to make a difference every single day. Discover what it means being part of this big family.

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Our actions
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I valori che ci legano, etica, qualità e trasparenza

To demonstrate our commitment, we don't seek to simply declare it: every day we are firmly committed to proving it, where possible, to certify it, and above all to narrate it with simplicity and clarity. Quality is a fundamental value for us and drives every aspect of how we do business.