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Each of our products has its Masters. The drive for perfection and continuous improvement needs the human touch and there is no machine in the world that can replace wisdom.

Each art has its own Master.

Passion and craftsmanship

Skilfully crafted cured meats

At Villani we are passionate about our craft and products. People still guide the entire process and it is they, not machines, who make the difference and manage the rhythms of production, respecting the times and cycles of nature. The selection of ingredients is the starting point of the whole process. The meats, but also the spices and flavourings, strictly natural, are carefully selected and combined to enhance the properties of the raw materials. Each cured meat is produced in the territory that is suited to it, using rituals and techniques that are a shared memory of the place, traditions that have been handed down over the generations. Thanks to wisdom, experience, intuition and sensitivity, our masters butchers make each cut unique, always working with the highest respect for tradition.

Masters and crafts

There are hands that no machine can ever replace.

They are the hands of our masters. Expert, sensitive hands, always industrious and striving for perfection.

They are the hands of people who observe, touch and breathe in the product in the various stages of processing to ensure only the best results.

Il dissossatore

The de-boner

Skilful and precise, the de-boned expertly separates the tender meat from the original bone, saving the best part for a perfect cut.

Il selezionatore

The selector

Looks. Touches. Examines. Selects. Only the cuts that they strictly approve become the raw material for our specialities.

Lo speziatore

The spicer

Wise alchemist. The fragrant aromas of tanning, infusions, sauces and “home-made” broths drift through their kitchen in a way no longer imaginable. A skilful and always balanced blend of spices and natural aromas in just the right quantity. Strictly following the original recipe.

Lo stufatore

The filler

Between hot air stoves and steam ovens. Under their strict control, mortadellas and hams are cooked slowly and to perfection.


The caser

Like a skilled turner, the caser selects the most suitable casing for the cured meat, then grips and fills it using the freshest meats. It is in their hands that the masterpieces of taste take shape, a gentle proclamation of what will be.

Il legatore

The binder

They wrap, sew, tie and braid. The hands of the binder dance gracefully around cocoons of tender meat, creating skilful and harmonious twine wefts. A crochet of secure knots prepares the meat for seasoning.

Il massaggiatore

The manipulator

Their touch seals the union between delicious meats and the spice feast prepared for them. Strength and gentleness, in a careful massage that ensures each part its perfect potion of fragrances.

Il cantiniere

The cellar keeper

They are our "nose". They observe the slow maturation and refinement of the product in the cellar. This takes place at regular intervals, during the long passage of time, until maturation is completed.

Il cucitore

The stitcher

The needle and thread are their tools. With tailor-made skills, the stitcher weaves the wefts that wrap and contain the meat, preparing it for perfect drying and seasoning.


The slicer

Artist of the cut, by hand or by machine: the slicer prepares the salami, slices it with technique and skill and arranges the slices, positioning them carefully and naturally.

Il salumiere

The cold cut master butcher

The connoisseur: they know the secrets and process required for each individual product. They know how to enhance its peculiar characteristics and recommend the best way to enjoy it.



Custodian of traditions handed down through families, A QUALITY INSPECTOR CALLED “BATTITORE” is a recipient of unwritten knowledge and transgenerational experience. After brushing off the essential moulds that form during ageing, towards the end of the process, the QUALITY INSPECTOR uses a special wooden hammer to gentle tap the aged meat, in search of sound that answers a question: Is the meat perfect?

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Ode to the salami
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The territories

Each of our specialities has its own chosen place of origin

Small specialised cold cuts plants located in the most suitable places for each of our products, ensuring the optimum conditions for a perfect result.

Titolo principale
Our history
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From our roots in Castelnuovo Rangone, we have grown to become a prestigious national and international enterprise. Discover the history of our company, from its foundation in 1886 to today.

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