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A family art
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Villani Salumi

Since 1886 we have been producing special cold cuts, a skilful expression of a careful selection of territories in Italy,

created with care by the expert hands of our masters, with a constant drive towards the highest levels of quality and perfection.

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The more progress we make, the more we return to our roots.

The more we grow, the more we cut out the need for machines:

we believe in manual skills.

The specialities

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The territories
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Odes to our cold cuts

Each of our specialities has its own chosen place of origin. 

Small specialised cold cuts plants located in the most suitable places for each of our products, ensuring the optimum conditions for a perfect result.

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Masters and crafts
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Arte salumiera maestri e mestieri

Each of our products has its Masters. The drive for perfection and the continuous improvement need the human touch and there is no machine in the world that can replace the expertise involved. To each art its Master.

Il dissossatore

The de-boner

Il selezionatore

The selector

Lo speziatore

The spicer

Lo stufatore

The filler


The caser

Il legatore

The binder

Il massaggiatore

The manipulator

Il cantiniere

The cellar keeper

Il cucitore

The stitcher


The slicer

Il salumiere

The cold cut master butcher



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In the kitchen with us
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Our recipes

Our versatile and delicious specialities are the tasty touch for your preparations. Gourmet sandwiches, delicious aperitifs, traditional recipes and sophisticated dishes. To surprise the palate and please the eye.

Le ricette Villani involtini di mortadella
Le ricette Villani involtini di mortadella