Parma PDO

Whole ham with bone

Winery fragrance, sweet and unique taste
Parma 30 mesi_con osso

Processed and aged at Langhirano (Parma), according to the DOP specification. Everything starts with the best Italian raw material and know-how: only thighs selected by weight at origin to reach a maturation of up to 30 months. The skill of the Salter and the experience of the Cellar Keeper do the rest. Unrivalled sweetness. Distinct aroma, flavour and personality.

Gluten-free. Without milk derivatives.

Average weight (kg): 9 – 9,5 – 10 – 10,5 – 11

Minimum seasoning (months): 13 – 15 – 18 – 24 – 30

Illustrazione del prosciutto crudo il Parma