The secret is the family "seasoning”

Our cooked meats

Fresh thighs boned by hand to obtain perfect cuts. It is the "seasoning" that makes all the difference. The Spicer expertly prepares infusions with spices and natural aromas in the kitchen room of our historic premises in Castelnuovo Rangone, following the family recipes. The seasoning penetrates in the delicately massaged thighs and the aroma spreads through the oven, which gradually cooks the meat for almost an entire a day, keeping its softness unaltered. This is how Cooked Hams are prepared with a classic and regular shape or alternatively they are more artisanal and hand-tied. Steamed or grilled or even smoked naturally.


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Titolo principale
From Westphalia to Emilia
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Castelnuovo Rangone

The most ancient cooked ham known is the smoked ham of Westphalia. It is almost as though the Roman legionaries had learnt the art of cooked ham from the Gauls, from the Lombards or from other Germanic peoples that became part of the Roman Empire and let this tradition take root in northern Italy. What we know for certain is that today the best cooked ham is the one that uses Italian pork leg displaying the “PP” symbol (indicating compliance with the specifications for the finest protected raw hams).