A tailored art

Our pancettas, coppas and bresaolas

An alternation of salting and resting in a cell, which takes place in our tailoring laboratory in Castelfranco Emilia for Pancetta and Coppa and in the territory of origin for the Bresaole.

Artisanal and ancient products, all prepared using whole anatomical cuts, but each incredibly different in terms of appearance, aromas and flavours. 

Very different products created from the processing of Pancetta: stretched out, rolled up, larded, cut. With their sweet taste, they melt in the mouth and are a true delight for gourmets.

Salted and seasoned, with the unmistakable taste of the cellar, the Coppa are distinguished by their great personality and characterised by their traditional flavours. 

The Bresaole are obtained from the best cut of beef: the tip of the hip, the inner part of the thigh, softer and of a better quality, trimmed to obtain the characteristic shape.