etichetta prosciutto cotto il prelibato

The Prelibato

High quality cooked ham

Ancient salting method and full and delicate taste
Il prelibato

The Prelibato refers to flavours and production methods of the past: an artisan process that lasts an entire month. It starts with the selection of quality raw materials, leg of Italian pork from the supply chain. After leaving it to hang, the thigh is salted as in the old days using a slow and manual process that ensures a more even diffusion of the aromatic infusion. It is then massaged to absorb the infusion, boned and tied by hand. Finally, steam cooking takes place without using any mould, slowly, to preserve the tenderness and flavour of the meat. The result is a Cooked Ham with a unique shape resembling the original thigh, with a full and at the same time delicate taste, in short… Delicious!

Without gluten, milk derivatives and glutamate. Only natural flavours.

Average weight (kg): 11.5

Illustrazione prosciutto cotto il prelibato