Etichetta prosciutto cotto il praga

Il Praga

Gastronomic excellence

Lightly smoked
Il Praga con osso

Gastronomic excellence from a tradition that began in Prague 200 years ago, according to a historical recipe today recovered and interpreted using only the best thighs and fresh ingredients. Praga is a selected cooked ham prepared with Italian pork legs. The main feature of its flavouring is a skilful balance of aromas: fresh herbs and vegetables produce a light smoky aftertaste, and the addition of the "13th Spring", the typical liqueur of the Czech Republic, gives this product a peculiar character and an unmistakable taste. In the most prized version with bone, it is sold to the public, as in the areas of origin, hot and hand-cut. Also excellent warm, according to Czech tradition.

Free from gluten and milk derivatives. Only natural flavours.

Average weight (kg): 11.7

Shape: available both in an exclusive shape with bone and in the 8.7 kg version without bone

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