pepe nero etichetta

Black Pepper

Rolled rindless pancetta

The masterpiece of our bacon master
Pancetta Pepe Nero

The Black Pepper Pancetta from Italian pork is rindless and slightly defatted. It is salted and left to rest for a few days, then spread with a light film of fresh garlic and then rolled up and tied. Finally, the pancetta is sprinkled with a peel of black pepper which makes it fragrant but not spicy and stuffed into casings. A seasoning that lasts 80 days awaits it. Unique in terms of its aromas and round taste, very sweet and appetising. Its soft texture ensures maximum melt-in-the-mouth experience, satisfying the most demanding gourmets.

Gluten-free. Without milk derivatives. Only natural flavours.

Average weight (kg): 3,5

Diameter (cm): 12

Seasoning: 80 days

pancetta pepe nero illustrazione