Carbonara Pancetta

Cut into strips

Natural smoking with beech wood
Listarelle di Pancetta

Made from Italian pork belly. After dry salting with a salt and spice cure, it rests in the cell for 5 days, then it is dried slowly in a hot air oven and at the same time smoked naturally and delicately with beech wood shavings. Once cooled, it is cut into strips and packaged. The quality of the initial raw material, combined with the innovative strip cuts, allow an improved and more even cooking, allowing maintaining of the shape and softness of the product. The stamp shape also gives the tasting a more enveloping sensation on the palate as well as ensuring better presentation of the dish. Ideal for carbonara pasta and other culinary preparations.

Free from gluten and milk derivatives.

Weight (g): 120.

San Petronio