Beef carpaccio

From fine hip tip

Mixable, fresh and tasty
Carpaccio di Bovino

The cut used is the tip of the hip, the same as the bresaola: the innermost, lean and softest part of the bovine thigh. The meat is salted by hand with a salt-based tanning, finely ground spices such as pepper and nutmeg and flavourings such as garlic and bay leaf. After the seasoning, the rinds rest for two weeks in the cold to absorb the spices and aromas, then they are stuffed and left to rest for another two weeks. Finally, drying and cooling follow, before being hung in the cell for three days. A carpaccio that melts in your mouth, with a tasty and fresh flavour.

Gluten-free. Without milk derivatives. Only natural flavours.

Average weight (kg): 2

San Petronio