Parma PDO "special"

Deboned and pressed ham

Winery fragrance, sweet and unique taste
Parma 24 mesi_special

Processed and aged at Langhirano (Parma), according to the DOP specification. Everything starts with the best Italian raw material and know-how: only thighs selected by weight at origin to reach a maturation of up to 30 months. The skill of the Salter and the experience of the Cellar Keeper do the rest. Unrivalled sweetness. Distinct aroma, flavour and personality. Very precise boning, trimmed to perfection and pressed to obtain a wide and flat slice similar to that of the thigh bone.

Gluten-free. Without milk derivatives.

Average weight (kg): 6,8 – 7,5 – 8 – 8,5

Seasoning (months): 13 – 15 – 18 – 24

Illustrazione del prosciutto crudo il Parma