Sfizioso with Pink Pepper

Seasoned boneless pork leg

Sweet and tasty
Sfizioso_pepe rosa

A leg of pork selected with the bone removed before salting, while maintaining the shape of the whole ham. Salted by hand with a “concia” seasoning dressing consisting of salt, finely ground white pepper, white wine and a pinch of garlic. After 3 months in the seasoning cell, it is "larded" to avoid surface hardening and in the fifth month sprinkled with crushed pink pepper, which gives it a tantalising aroma and a highly prestigious appearance when seasoned. An appetising, sweet and delicious flavour, thanks to the particular flavourings used.

Gluten-free. Without milk derivatives.

Average weight (kg): 7,5/8,5

Minimum seasoning (months): 6

San Petronio