Sfizioso with Black Pepper

Seasoned boneless pork leg

Stunning and appetizing
Sfizioso_pepe nero

A leg of pork selected with the bone removed before salting, while maintaining the shape of the whole ham. Salted by hand with a “concia” seasoning seasoning consisting of salt, finely ground white pepper, white wine and a pinch of garlic. After 3 months in the seasoning cell, it is larded to avoid surface hardening and in the fifth month sprinkled with “Tellicherry” crushed black pepper, which gives it a sweet but slightly spicy aroma when seasoned. The appearance is characteristic, in fact it is distinguished from classic hams by its darker colour, given precisely by the pepper. An appetising flavour, a balanced mix between the tantalising taste of pepper on the surface and the traditional flavour of sweet ham.

Gluten-free. Without milk derivatives.

Average weight (kg): 7,5/8,5

Minimum seasoning (months): 6

San Petronio