Salame Il Gentile

Il Gentile

Salami dedicated to Castelnuovo Rangone

A perfect balance between taste and delicacy
Salame Il Gentile

A typical salami of the Emilian tradition made with Italian pork, minced and seasoned with black peppercorns and dry white wine that enhances and characterises the aroma. Bright colour and soft texture, sweet taste. An appetising temptation.

Gluten-free. Without milk derivatives.

Average weight (kg): 0.33 – 1 – 1.5 – 2.3

Diameter (cm): 7

Grinding: medium-large

Gut: natural and hand-tied

External appearance: grey-white typical of natural moulds

Cut: by hand, oblique. Slice thickness 3 mm

Illustrazione del salame il Gentile