etichetta prosciutto cotto il prelibato

Il Prelibato

High quality cooked ham

One month long craftsmanship, large slice
Cotto Il Prelibato

From the thigh of pigs born and raised in Italy, according to the requirements of the regulations of protected raw hams. After leaving it to hang, it is salted and massaged: a slow and careful process to allow the infusion to be distributed. The thigh is then soaked in the same infusion for days, in order to develop the flavour. The final step is slow steam cooking, which preserves its softness and keeps the meat proteins unaltered.

Without gluten, milk derivatives and glutamate.

Weight (g): 110

Recommendations for use: open the tray and leave it for 5/10 minutes at room temperature before consuming.

Illustrazione prosciutto cotto il prelibato