Corallina salami with artichoke mousse

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Why not prepare a delicious aperitif or a gourmet appetiser to start a special dinner? Here is a quick finger food idea based on Coral Salami and artichokes. Just a few ingredients and above all a few minutes are all that are needed to make it.

Discover the recipe to prepare it at home!



Take two slices of Villani Corallina Salami, two slices of wholemeal bread and 350g of artichoke hearts. Prepare an artichoke mousse, seasoned with oil, salt and pepper, and a little grated pecorino romano. Take a slice of salami and cut it into four parts. Spread the artichoke mousse on a slice of bread and place the salami wedges on top. Add the pecorino flakes to taste.

Your finger food is ready!

Enjoy your meal.

15 minutes

Villani Corallina Salami

Artichoke hearts

Whole grain bread

Grated Pecorino Romano

Extra virgin olive oil, salt and pepper


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